Friday, March 1, 2013

Peerless Sunset: Guitar Review

I purchased the Peerless Sunset guitar used approximately 6 months ago. It replaced my Epiphone Broadway as my teaching guitar as the Broadway has been played to the bone. I have been very impressed by the quality thus far and have several things to share about this guitar.

The Sunset is a 16" body which is large enough to be acoustically active but not overly large. The fully hollow body is remarkably thin measuring 1 3/4" deep. These dimensions make the guitar very comfortable to play, hold and transport. The top is laminated spruce and sides, back and neck are flamed maple (body woods laminate). The two set humbuckers have a tone not unlike the Gibson 57' classic pickups. The rosewood fingerboard holds acrylic inlays and a bone nut. And the sunburst finish is complimented well by the tortoise pick guard.

The size of this guitar makes it ideal for the small-ish teaching studio and it is loud enough (even with D'Addario Chromes .013) to play unamplified with acoustic or electric guitars of my students. When it comes to playing live this guitar sits well in the piano/guitar duo I play in as well as a quartet with drums and bass. I generally use a Fender Champion 600 for the small duo gigs and a Fender Princeton Reverb for the quartet and through both amps a warm yet articulate tone shines through. From standards, bebop, blues, funk, and light fusion this guitar is capable of many tones.

The quality and craftsmanship of this Korean-made instrument make it a very good value, especially when buying a used model. The high gloss lacquer which protects all surfaces has an especially upscale feel on the back of the neck. And the looks are very high-class as well (everyone who sees this guitar asks "what kind of Gibson is that?").  I must also mention the smooth Rotomatic-style gold tuners which work great. Mine is a 2007 and everything is original and in good health. I would also like to add that the headstock shape reminds me of the Gibson Pat Martino model.

So, if you are in the market for a budget-priced ($895 new) gigging and/or teaching guitar with a versatile voice this may be worth taking a look into.

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